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Webinar: Thyroid Eye Disease Drug Shortage
Featuring: Sara Tullis Wester, MD, FACS, Layla Lohmann, DDS, Robert Popovian, Pharm. D., MS, Sara Brown

Spotlight on Macular Degeneration

Webinar: Living Well with Thyroid Eye Disease
Featuring Holly Chang, MD, FACS, and Judy Bachman

Treating Thyroid Eye Disease From Home

Webinar: Living with Thyroid Eye Disease
Featuring: Bobby Korn, MD, PhD & Seth Ulinski

Webinar: Living with Thyroid Eye Disease
Featuring: Sara Wester, MD, & Seth Ulinski

Thyroid Eye Disease Webinar Q&A

What is diabetic retinopathy?

Understanding Specialty Tiers

Understanding Prior Authorization

Understanding Step

How the Eye Works



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2801, 2021

Drug Shortage Distress

With the nation’s attention riveted on the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, drugs that allow patients to deal with other serious