This month, the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition is thrilled to feature the TED Community Organization. This organization is a community of individuals dedicated to providing education, support and connection for those affected by thyroid eye disease, or TED.   

Thyroid eye disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects the eyes and the surrounding tissues. Individuals living with the disease experience eye bulging, double vision, light sensitivity and eye pain. It is commonly associated with Graves’ disease but can occur in individuals with other thyroid disorders as well.  

“Our vision is to ensure that no one walks alone through the TED journey,” said Christine Gustafson, Executive Director and CEO of the TED Community Organization. “We are excited to partner with the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition to work toward a shared goal of patient outreach and connection for the thyroid eye disease community.”  

The TED Community Organization raises awareness about thyroid eye disease by hosting educational webinars, creating educational materials and organizing online support groups. Additionally, the organization aims to assist patients and their caregivers by creating a buddy system for one-on-one friendship and guidance.  

To learn more about the TED Community Organization, please visit