This month, the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition is excited to highlight the Dry Eye Foundation. This organization provides support and resources to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by ocular surface diseases, commonly referred to as dry eye disease. 

Approximately 16 million people in the US have been diagnosed with dry eye disease, which affects the tear glands, causes inflammation and leads to a variety of symptoms such as burning, grittiness, irritation and light sensitivity. Chronic eye discomfort interferes with functional vision and has a serious adverse impact on basic daily activities such as work, driving and social engagement. 

“We are deeply committed to advancing the understanding of Dry Eye Disease and how it affects our community,” said Rebecca Petris, Dry Eye Foundation President. “More than anything else, we are here to foster community, connections, and conversations and that starts with us being there for those impacted by dry eye disease.” 

Key activities of the Dry Eye Foundation include documenting community experiences, operating a helpline, organizing support groups and webinars, creating pathways for community engagement in disease research, raising awareness amongst healthcare providers, and strategizing for long-term community-based solutions.  

For more information about the Dry Eye Foundation and its impactful work, visit