This month, the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition is pleased to highlight the Autoimmune Association. This group is dedicated to autoimmune disease awareness, advocacy, education and research. Their work brings the health care community one step closer to a world without autoimmune disease.   

“For over 30 years we have been a pioneer in serving autoimmune patients, sponsoring research and advocating for access to health care,” said Quardricos Driskell, VP of Policy and Government Affairs. “We are proud to partner with the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition to continue the legacy and global impact on the autoimmune community.”  

The Autoimmune Association raises awareness about autoimmune disease by collaborating to improve health care, advance research and support the patient community. To change the conversation about autoimmune diseases, they raise widespread awareness and foster empathy about what it means to live with an autoimmune disease.  

The Autoimmune Association also advocates at the federal and state levels for policies that put patients first, and their work is supported by more than 50 patient groups. They provide education and support for patients throughout their autoimmune journey. 

To learn more about the Autoimmune Association, please visit