Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week 2023

November 13-19 is Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week.  Join the Vision Health Advocacy Coalition in raising awareness of this painful vision condition.

Participate on Social Media

Use the suggested social media posts and images below to raise awareness on social media.

  • This week is #TEDAwarenessWeek. Get involved with @visionadvocacy’s toolkit:
  • Thyroid eye disease is a rare autoimmune condition that causes the immune system to mistakenly attack tissue around the eye. Learn more during #TEDAwarenessWeek:
  • DYK? Eye bulging, redness and eyelid swelling are all symptoms of thyroid eye disease. Learn more during #TEDAwarenessWeek:
  • Who is at risk of thyroid eye disease? Learn here:
  • If left untreated or misdiagnosed, thyroid eye disease may cause permanent damage to the eye. Raise awareness during #TEDAwarenessWeek.

Learn More from Partner Resources

Want to learn more about thyroid eye disease? Explore these resources from VHAC’s partners.

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